Web Designing

Technoviva, Bangalore has been providing clients with top-notch services since our inception. We believe that the best way of marketing our business is through word of mouth. When our customers are happy, we are happy. The reason is because we know that we have done a good job and we know for sure that a satisfied customer will refer us to their partners.

We provide high quality solutions ranging from registering a domain, web designing and development to online marketing and SEO services. You name it and we will get it done!.

We provide highly dependable web design services in various technologies, whether it is creating websites or large eCommerce sites using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, J Query, JSP, Flash.

We also provide hosting services that enable you to keep your site running 24/7. We also provide cloud hosting, which allows for greater speed and scalability. Cloud hosting allows the servers to adjust the bandwidth and disk space according to user demand. Aside from this we provide all related web solutions like digital marketing, online advertisements, social media promotion, mobile friendly web design etc.

Our graphic artists, web coders and eCommerce experts work in tune to create crisp sites. We also provide advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services so that customers will see you websites link as the top ranked in search engines like Google.

Our web solutions are a collaborative effort by specialized teams in our web solution center located in Bangalore, India. We encourage our clients to visit our offices and talk to us so that we can offer you a tailor made solution that meets your business needs.

Web Development

Technoviva, Bangalore believe that website development is an important key to the success of a business. A website is something that everybody needs these days, to make a mark in his/her field of business. A legitimate website with contact numbers, email and other information gives customers a sense of satisfaction and belief, which is very important for the credibility of websites.

Wide range of technologies

We work with a wide range of technologies including the latest to the traditional ones, which were being used. We develop software as well as applications that are authentic and aimed at making your job easier.

Advanced scripts and programs

We understand that different websites need different scripts and programs to run their website. We provide a wide range of scripts and programs that runs under any given situation.

Technical expertise

We have an experienced and dedicated team of web designers and web developers who can provide you with the best solutions needed for your business. Different businesses have different requirements and we at Kiran Computers, Bangalore respect the diversity of your needs, and try and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Wide range of clients

We have a wide range of clients with diverse background. Handling them enables us to gain knowledge about the needs and requirements of customers coming from different backgrounds. This is worthwhile and can be taken into consideration while choosing us.


Ecommerce development no doubt plays a very important role in managing business across the globe. It is ecommerce that shapes the world today and holds the key to success in business and trade. We at Web experts Bangalore, look for solutions to the problems that our customers face and ensure that things are to the best of their interests. We have an experienced man power and our services are ready to be rendered at the best possible way, whenever needed.

Our team believes that businesses can be made to rise with better ecommerce solutions and well-designed websites. We have a dedicated team of ecommerce developers who can provide the best possible solutions to your business. Our dedicated service is available at the best and most affordable price.

We believe that your website can be more efficient and can earn more profit, provided that it is designed in the best possible manner, and is kept simple and organized. We focus on better purchasing methods and organized sorting. Being descriptive about products is something that we normally don’t miss out on.

We provide a wide range of ecommerce solutions ranging from ecommerce web design and front end development to the backend development. We provide various features like gift coupons, order management, etc. We provide the best encrypted SSL certificates to ensure that the transactions done over your website are safe and secured. We ensure that you have a unique experience with us, providing you with the best possible ecommerce solutions as and when required.

Feel free to contact us for our innovative and highly organized ecommerce solutions and website development to have a leading edge on your field of business. At Web experts Bangalore, we value your time and consider our work to be an opportunity to see both sides benefiting from it in the best possible manner.

Search Engine Optmization

SEO refers to the process of increasing the visitors to the website by prioritizing the website ranking for a particular keyword targeting the website in the mainframe search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search Engine Optimization spruces up the websites making it a lot more conspicuous and visible than before. You can resort to our SEO services to target and maximize the peepers looking forward to garner and obtain the services, data and products that you offer. SEO acts as the lucrative tool to internationalize your website and increase the on-site and off-site visitors to your website in turn assuring a maximum yield and revenue. SEO is the pragmatic phenomenon that aims at streamlining your services in the best possible way thereby offering a fierce competition to your hardcore competitors.

  • Speed up your website ranking.
  • Amp up the number of visitors and peepers to your website.
  • Maximize the ROI.
  • Intensify both the leads and the business.
  • Be a topper for a noticeably longer period.

Our SEO procedure uses the following methodology :

  • Header Tags Optimization.
  • Keyword Research Analysis.
  • Video Optimization.
  • Robots. txt file creation and optimization.
  • 404 error Optimization.
  • XML site map creation and submission.
  • Google Analytic Integration.
  • Blog Submission.
  • Meta Tags creation and optimization.
  • Page Load Analysis.
  • 301 redirect Analysis.
  • HTML site map creation and optimization.
  • Link building strategies.
  • Article submission.
  • Site traffic Analysis.
  • Page rank and domain age analysis.
  • HTML code structure improvements.
  • Header Tags Optimization.
  • Content optimization.
  • Broken link analysis and correction.
  • Hyperlink optimization.
  • Anchor Tag Optimization.
  • Directory Submission.
  • Search Engine friendly URL suggestion.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the internet hosting service that enables the organizations and people to impart accessibility to their website using the World Wide Web. Web hosting is obligatory to internationalize the financial wings of a company. If you are planning to coin and embellish your website, web hosting is of cardinal importance. The previous decades have seen web hosting being considered for corporates and the institutionalization purposes. The web hosting real has changed now.

We are the lucid practitioners of web hosting who are set out to reshape, resharpen and beautify the web hosting services. We have an affluent team of E-commerce experts who are gracious at providing the well wrought web hosting solutions to all the varying sized enterprises as well as the individuals. Our web hosting services are perfectly rational and absolutely pragmatic. They adhere to the highest standards of practicality coupled with an exceptionally responsive customer support.

Linux hosting

Linux sees a widespread usage across the globe and it's regarded as the best Operating System for web servers. It's used for the growing environment of web and mail servers. It's specifically known for its versatility, believability and ductility. Linux becomes an obvious choice for them who want PHP, CGI, Perl, SSL and My SQL.

Unlimited hosting

We acknowledge the fact that our precious subscribers have multifaceted demands. Pertinently, we are providing unlimited hosting services to our clients. The subscribers can rely upon the unlimited hosting services at our firm that follow the best affordability terms. We offer unlimited hosting services with unlimited disk space, unlimited My SQL database, unlimited e-mail accounts and several other incumbent features. To the customer delight, we have a highly responsive customer support to resolve the customer grievances with immediate effect.

VPS hosting

It's another sought after hosting service wherein the physical server computer is partitioned into multiple servers in such a way that each gets it's prowess and skills to run its very own dedicated machine. VPS hosting is a type of hosting that involves each virtual server being independently rebooted and running its own highly functional operating system.

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